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Welcome to Bildombudsmannen

Staffan Teste, Bildombudsmannen AB, works as Picture ombudsman for Nordic countries. If you have problem to receive money from a buyer we can help you. We are involved in infringements of pictures owned by small copyright owners to big rights holders and picture agencies. As long as you own the copyright we will help you.
     Since 1977 we have helped several hundred copyright owners to receive money from a few thousand crowns to half a million. During late 90-ties we helped 18 picture agencies to receive about one million crowns from a collecting society. We help copyright owners and picture buyers to write fair contracts. We have also helped models to receive what they should and helped people, who have been unlawfully used in advertising.
     Teste is also working for BLF the Swedish organisation for photo companies and agencies in Sweden, second largest organisation of that kind in Europe and a member of Cepic.
   Staffan Teste has experience in International law in his position as a former member of the board of the European Picture agency organisation Cepic. He has represent Cepic in the World Intellectual Organisation, WIPO and in EU-hearings.
     Companies outside Sweden use Bildombudsmannen to help them with their problems in the picture world. Bildombudsmannen represent members of Picscout   on Nordic countries. Staffan Teste is member of an International law discussion group in Cepic. Every year lawyers from that group meet at Cepic conference in Europe.
     Send an email to and tell us your problems. We work on a commission base after a small amount of introduction money. If it turned out to be impossible to solve your case it does not cost you anything more.

Staffan Teste, Jur Kand

Staffan Teste Jur Kand


Staffan Teste holds a Swedish Master of Laws Degree (Juris kandidatexamen), from the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University. He is currently specializing in IT law. He is also studing Master IT and law at the same university.

Work of experience

Staffan Teste has good experience of Media.
     He took his exam in journalism in Gothenburg 1965, worked as a journalist, freelance as a radio reporter and a local editor in Nynäshamn south of Stockholm up to 1967.

Then he was employed by Dagens Nyheter, where he worked as journalist and editor for a local weekly paper belonging to the big Morning paper. During that time he was also president for the journalist union of Stockholm and 1973 of the journalist club of Dagens Nyheter.

During the years 1972-79 he worked as townhallreporter in Stockholm and 1979 he went for a three and a half year assignment as correspondent in Moscow. 1983 he was appointed Production Director of Dagens Nyheter, worked in the administrative board of the paper and stayed in this position in 8 years.
     During that time he helped Dagens Nyheter to start printing the newspaper in three cities around Sweden, bought the first PC-system for newspaper production in the world and build up a new reprodepartment with commercial reproproduction.

In 1991-93 Teste was Managing director for Pressens Bild - the largest pictureagancy in Nordic countries. Pressens Bild was at that time a daughter company to Marieberg, the owner of the biggest Swedish Morning paper Dagens Nyheter and at that time the largest evening paper Expressen.

1993 he started his own company of limited shares Teste MediaProjekt AB and worked as a consultant with among others construction of digital picture archive. Among his customers Pressens Bild, Dagens Nyheter, The Swedish post company Posten, ICA, Swedish Steal and others.

1994 Teste became ombudsman and a member of the board of BLF. He left the board 2004 but still works today as juridical advisor for BLF. Teste was also 1997-2009 in the Presidium of the European organization Cepic and treasurer in 10 years of that organization. He is still helping Cepic in juridical matters. Cepic is an organization of picture agancy organisations with about 1 000 pictureagancies in 11 countries. It's man office is in Berlin. Homepage for Cepic

Teste has been studying law at Stockholm's University and became jur.kand.  His main interest is the Copyright law.

1997 BLF was the first copyright owners organization in Sweden to come up with prices for publishing of pictures on Internet. BLF started also a service for its members with Internet search for stolen pictures. BLF with Teste as ombud won the first criminal case in Sweden and maybe Europe of a stolen picture published on a home page on Internet.

Today Staffan Teste works in his own company Stafan Teste Bildombudsmannen AB.


PÄR OHMAN, jurist

Pär Öhman, själv konstnär, tog 2013 sin juristexamen vid Stockholms universitet. Under studietiden läste Pär specialkurser inom Immaterialrätt där han för egen del valde att fokusera på upphovsrätten. I sin uppsats skrev han om den upphovsrättsliga gränsdragningen mellan inspiration och intrång inom bildkonstens område.

Efter examen började Pär att arbeta vid Bildombudsmannen där han hjälper upphovsmän att skydda och värna om sin upphovsrätt. Pär har ett särskilt intresse för att hjälpa den svagare upphovsmannen i ett samhälle där det är svårt att få betalt och livnära sig på sin verkliga passion.

År 2015 påbörjade Pär sin masterutbildning, European Intellectual Property Law, vid Stockholms universitet. Han beräknar att vara färdig med masterutbildningen till sommaren 2016.

Vid sidan av sitt juridiska arbete har Pär ett stort intresse för konst och IT. Pär skapar själv konst och därav kommer intresset för upphovsrätten.